New Champions Series format in September
Written by Pete Sampras on May 15, 2011

Was at the Staples Center a few weeks ago with Jim and Andre to promote the Champions Series circuit we are playing in starting in September in the States. I’m going to be playing in 7 of the 12 tournaments this fall and it’s going to be sweet to compete with my friends and rivals and bring some great tennis around the US. I’m playing pretty well right now and having these one-night tournaments is a great way for me to stay motivated and competing without having to be gone from my family too much. I’m playing in LA (love the home game), Ft Lauderdale, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Seattle, Las Vegas and Surprise, AZ. I’m particularly pumped to play at the Staples Center since I’ve never gotten the chance to do so until now. I go see the Lakers play there quite a bit so it’ll be fun to get to be on the court playing rather than watching. 



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